Hayden Purcell got his first guitar for his 16th birthday, an acoustic Yamaha F-310. It's not the greatest guitar in the world, but he stands by it, and it gets the job done.

Teaching himself how to play from scratch, he quickly developed the basics from learning songs he enjoyed listening to at the time. Tracks such as 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana, some Muse, and singer/songwriter tracks. Hayden occasionally covers songs on his youtube channel. 

For the following Christmas 2006, Hayden was gifted his first electric guitar (shown behind the Yamaha), a Fender Squier Stratocaster. Again...Not the greatest guitar in the world, but a surprisingly lovely tone for its value. 
This led to Hayden getting more adventurous with his guitar playing, and learning some heavier and more complicated songs to further his abilities. 

At this point, Hayden wasn't one for singing, until in summer 2007 where he formed his first band with school friends Daniel Harper (a guitarist who played the bass), and Lee Kuempfel (a bassist who played the drums).
As a result of a 'draw the short straw' type of scenario, Hayden filled the role of vocalist. 
Joint Horizon were together for roughly two years, and recorded a 4 track EP entitled 'Open' 

This guitar was custom built for frickin' Duran Duran!

In 2008 Hayden began to develop his own home studio, buying some essential hardware and software to begin.

With a copy of Logic Pro 9, a MacBook Pro and a Motu 8 Pre, Hayden began to explore sound engineering and song production by creating his own material. Over the next few years, he wrote several songs which he released on Soundcloud as a means of demonstrating the development of his abilities. 

With the growing interest of creating his own original material, and the self awareness of being a less than average vocalist, he sought out vocal coaching from the talented broadway performer Katy Hanna, with whom he studied under for roughly 2 years. 

From this, he ended up at Sphere Studios in Battersea, London (which has since relocated to Los Angeles, USA), and recorded one of his most personal tracks 'When You Fell' with producer and ex Jethro Tull member Peter-John Vettese.

The song was released on iTunes in May 2012 as part of a charity event promotion, with all proceeds of sales still going to the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust, which assists with the medical field of organ transplantation. 

Hayden then joined the now disbanded Leighton Buzzard based alternative rock band 'I Forgot' for 6 months before going to live in Toronto, Canada for about 4 months.

'I Forgot' - Philip Gale, Ben Cooper, Damien Rogers, Richard Mattlock. 
Bottom - O2 Academy Islington

Toronto, Canada

Hayden somehow ended up at the national televised New Years celebration for the entirety of Canada 31/12/12

Upon returning to England in 2013, Hayden began an internship at Bonafide Studio in Muswell Hill, London where he ended up in his first role as a Sound Engineer, running his own sessions and producing material for a variety of clientele, be it solo artists, full bands, or voiceover artists. 

From this, Hayden branched out to work from his home studio to produce music, but started to discover more of a passion for audio for film. 

Hayden was hired as Sound Recordist on the short film 'Pastry', directed by Eduardo Barreto, where he operated and recorded boom.

Through contacts, Hayden was fortuitously led to Sound Designer Alex Joseph, who offered Hayden his first jobs and mentorship in post production sound design, and has through this discovered a distinct passion and aptitude towards it.
As part of a small team under Alex, Hayden has been working as a Sound Effects Editor and Sound Designer across a variety of projects. From online animation content, web trailers, through to feature films. 

'Pastry' crew, March 2015

Additionally, Hayden is also a committed member of Milton Keynes based rock band 'False Idol', in which he performs as bassist and backing vocalist. 

He joined in mid 2015, and they have performed in support of bands from across the world, as well as holding their own shows. 

False Idol released their debut EP 'Take Me Home' on 26th June 2018 which is available on all platforms. 

'False Idol' - Zak Levkouskis, Jade Levkouskis, Daniel Harper

Toronto, Canada

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