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Hi! I’m Hayden,

Currently a coffee shop manager...But I used to be a musician and sound designer...

This website used to be a portfolio of my work, in my aspirations of finding work as a freelance sound designer, dreaming of working behind the scenes in film.

These days, I struggle more and more to find the motivation and ability to indulge in what feels like dying creativity.

Now I just try to survive, through the lens of an increasingly cynical outlook on reality, and "play the game", just like everyone else.

So now, this website is going to be an embodiment of all I have done in the past, and an exploration as I go further into the death of art within me, or the re-ignition of the fire I once had.

I have struggled massively throughout my life with various ongoing mental health issues; the stigmas around such, have encouraged me to hide and repress myself. In my day to day life, I still do, in order to function. But over the years so far, I have discovered a lot of value in opening up, just enough, to share your stories with others to help garner new perspectives.

Does it make life any easier?


But looking in a different direction can sometimes get you onto the next stepping stone.

Let's communicate, and get through this together.

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