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Push (Original)

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

My first original song in 2 years, and my super talented brother offered to record drums for me. Available on all platforms.

I tend to write my lyrics somewhat sub/unconsciously. Devin Townsend said it best when he comes up with his hook and starts humming over it and just lets whatever words fit spill out and attribute the meaning later. More often than not, it ends up being a very cathartic process that outputs some of the things I'm trying not to think about, or am battling to deal with, because my emotional thought processes are always at war with my logical ones. In this instance, I'm reflecting on a situation involving the last girl I dated, if you can even call it that. Bad timing on both parts, we were both going through a lot of our own stuff. Long story short, I wasn't myself, I gave and demanded too much too soon, irrationally, and it all blew up in my face horribly. Classically, as both self prophesied, and thereby, inevitably actualised by my own doing. This song is me exploring my own wrong doing, and struggling to come to terms with moving past something when my head doesn't accept the obvious closure it's presented with. My struggles with cognitive distortions that keep me working towards a fantasised end goal, totally ignoring all the reality along the way, and reacting to imagination instead of what's actually happening, and failing to allow the fantasy to dissipate when things don't work out. Sprinkled, with a garnish of hope, that maybe, it could still happen?


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