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My Dear... (A Poem)

An infatuated memory from a time of love

Spurned by our theories that bring damage (Lust)

Lust: claim a love so strong and true

Yet act so weak, impulsive and wild


Wishing simplicity upon inevitable complexity

Understanding desires never match up to reality

Encouraging behaviour completely untoward

And judging so strong a victim so scorned

In order to move forward we must trust ourselves

Learn from our pasts, for a future restored

Perhaps a true love may only exist for us

And lust is all that can befall those who cry

For I must know myself in order to strive

And know it's not the end, breathe deep

Love is singular

Find it deeply enough

And not a thing will matter

Live in the moment, and forget reality

My love, it's just you, and I


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