Sound Designer, Sound Effects Editor, Sound Recordist, Sound Engineer, Musician 

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Hayden Purcell is a Buckinghamshire based audio professional with vast experience in sound for studio and film. 

Having started out as a sound engineer in London, he has since progressed through film set recording up to post-production sound design. 

Since August 2016, Hayden has worked on a variety of video content in post-production, under the mentorship of the highly experienced industry professional Alex Joseph.
Starting with trailers for mobile media, Hayden went on to work as part of a small team on several feature films including Matt Holness's debut feature 'Possum', and independent drama 'Undercliffe'. As well as developing skills in high octane action scenes, Hayden has a very thoughtful, creative and passionate approach to creating a soundscape to bring your film to life.

Dawn Of Titans - Mobile Game Trailer
(Sound Effects Editor)

Possum - Feature Film
(Sound Effects Editor/Sound Design)

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